Avery Hopkins

Avery started Kymia Arts in 2014 after several decades of travel, research, and experimentation within the alchemical field. He first began his research by studying painting and design at Laguna College of Art and Design. Here, he explored alchemical symbolism, surrealism, and the foundations for artistic thinking. Having an interest in spiritual truth, Avery was led from art towards a course of study in Anthropology and Religion. Several years were spent reading religious texts and translating many coded versions of historical documents that regard the mysteries of nature and the Self. Having summarized and concluded religious thought through avid research and experience, Avery dedicated all of his time and resources to the consolidation of alchemical philosophy and practice. 

Seven years were spent reading, translating, and deciphering alchemical texts. His previous studies in culture, history, science, spirituality, and art allowed him to piece together a complicated puzzle of holographic language that was strewn across time. Hieroglyphics, Arabic, Chinese, Latin, Greek, and a variety of modern languages were explored for their alchemical content and histories. Only after a decade worth of reading and research did Avery ever come to pick up a flask and learn the chemical nature of the Alchemical Art. He has since spent the last ten years gaining profound insights into the nature of form and reality as we know it through his laboratory practice.

Avery is a steadfast practitioner of the alchemical art. He resides in Northern New Mexico where he works his Lab, Apothecary, School, and Apprenticeships

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