Sound & Silence 2020 – Ticket Giveaway

See below for information about how you can receive free tickets to the Sound & Silence Gathering in Costa Rica from March 6 – 13th, 2020.

About Sound and Silence..


You have arrived to the place where Sound & Silence meets in celebration and collaboration – A safe and sacred space for highly sensitive souls to deeply relax into being, while enjoying the rapturous and bounteous artistry and workshops often found at the huge festivals, yet without the maddening crowds, loud sounds and general over-stimulation. With a maximum of only 333 like-minded and heart-centered souls in attendance, we hold a vibrant & ecstatic yet gentle and intimate container which gives our guests the feeling of spaciousness, along with plenty of room to feel the expansive nature of our exquisite offerings.

Our sacred gatherings host many gifted musicians, dancers, yogis, poets, group facilitators, artists and healers who have all chosen to contribute their talents in the spirit of loving and holy exchange, to help make what started as a simple vision, turn into the wonders of creation! With guided meditations, yoga, dance and healing music leading the way, we will enter into the blissful realms of sound and silence, and the joyful states of stillness and movement…AND WE DO THIS ON ONE STAGE ONLY! We believe in traveling together as a family, so we are not spread out with multiple stages and too many choices…one program, one stage, one family, one LOVE.

ll of our gatherings offer elements of:
• Daily concerts and other artistic performances
• Group sessions of yoga, meditation, sound healing, and dance
• Wide range of body/mind healing sessions
• Healthy, organic, vegan and vegetarian food
• Plenty of time to enjoy nature and integration
• Lots of conscious community!

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While Sound & Silence is highly festive, it’s not a festival, not really. It looks like a festival but feels much more like a retreat. It’s guided. We curate captivating, abundant and delicately designed programs with a high level of talent, yet all on one stage, one space, taking us on one collective journey. As the saying goes – ‘We are better together’. So there is no need to decide between multiple events and thus – no FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). We also limit our ticket sales to only 333 guests, keeping it small, intimate and inclusive. So we are more like a large and living retreat with an exquisite music, dance and meditative arts offering…”  ~S&S Founder, Sarvaan Ziva

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