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Raising Consciousness

Experiences that raise your conscious awareness are the sole focus of C.E, and we feel should be the primary focus of every human on the planet. Only when we start to understand the SELF can we really begin to understand how the SELF should operate in relationship to the ALL. No one in this or any organization is evolved, or enlightened enough to profess they have "it all figured out".  Instead we invite you to stumble along beside us, in front of us, or behind us. Together we can lend a hand, get a reflection, and learn some truth as our inner world reveals itself in our outer world. 

Progressive Teachers

Teachers and mentors should be a progressive experience. Meaning they can and often teach a specific area of consciousness and you gravitate towards them at the time you should. Then move on to the next who focuses on your next needs and desires. Remember, just because you can't see the value in a teach does not mean they are not valuable, only that you are not ready to see that value, or you have already seen it and are ready for a new teacher. We invite you to explore our Hand Selected Teachers

What Is

Consciousness Events

After attending many events, retreats and private meetings surrounding consciousness, it became apparent that the term "conciseness" meant something completely different to everyone. For some it was about "permaculture", for others "medicine journeys" were a navigation point, but for everyone, it was the exploration and journey into the deep "self" and the removal of that self, to find the whole.

This directory and portal was created to share those events that have shaped its founders perception of self and our own inner consciousness. We will not focus on having the most inclusive lists, but instead, the most impactful to us as a team. We look forward to helping guide you to the next step in your journey.

Got Questions?

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Yes you can select your favorite teachers and see what events they have coming up and where.

Yes, you can search for events based on subjects such as meditation, spirituality etc.

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Yes a full lineup of all of the events and their dates can be found on our homepage.  

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