A Free 3-part Video Series To Become A More Inspired, Progressive & Effective Leader. With Evolutionary Pioneer Steve Farrell

The 3 Keys to Becoming A Conscious Leader

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Do you identify yourself as a conscious leader?
If not, it’s probably because you’re holding onto an outdated and limited view of leadership. Families, neighborhoods, communities, schools, sole proprietorships, businesses, companies, organizations—both for- and non-profit—all of these involve leadership at some level.
In these days of unrest and division, as well as health-related concerns, conscious leadership is needed more than ever in every arena of life. 
If you’d like your life to be more fulfilling and meaningful…
If you’d like to tap into your unrealized potentials and capacities…
And if you’d like to have a more profound and positive impact on others and the world around you…
Then guess what?
You aspire to be a Conscious Leader.

Video Program 1:
The Art of Becoming Conscious
Walk away from “American Dream” ideologies and open yourself to your highest calling as a Conscious Leader
Accept the Invitation to wake up and develop a loving relationship with the Divine in yourself, in others, and in the world
Face the existential crisis affecting the entire world and allow your behavior to change from efficiency to a deeply loving state of communion, care, and love, thereby instilling Conscious Awareness into every aspect of your life
Live in the Oneness of planetary awakening and unity of all of life while creating flourishing in yourself, your home, community and workplace, and in the world
Experience the Boomerang Effect, as your service to the world comes back to you, your family, and co-workers as Divine blessings and prosperity 
Video Program 2:
Become Fully Alive in Your Life and Step into Your True Power
Align your entire life with the Divine energy of the Universe and become fully conscious as a “whole new you” emerges that is more loving, peaceful, truthful…and more alive!
Stand with others in the ancient life-affirming, life-enhancing and life-supporting culture of Spirit and Unity
Shift from a mental transactional space to a relational heart connection with all of life, helping to reveal Heaven on Earth for yourself and others
Let the natural become the supernatural and open yourself to daily guidance and conscious living where you love and are loved—and there is no separation
Trust the plan unfolding for you and others as emanations of Divine Life and transform old habitual ways of being into the “new normal” of cultural cooperation
Video Program 3:
Take Focused and Inspired Action to Help Create a Flourishing World
Wake up to your larger Eternal Self as a unique cell in the body of humanity and tap into your unlimited potential and capacities to bring forth a “world becoming new”
Turn away from the seduction of materiality and toward a flourishing culture of service, interconnection, collective awakening and oneness
Stretch into new levels of achievement never before thought possible by using your co-creative partnership with the Divine energy of the Universe to become one of its miracle workers, helping to guide others back to a sense of conscious community and a conscious world
Build and maintain conscious personal and professional relationships by modeling a vision of collaborative decision-making, passionate strategic outreach, and new creative possibilities
Understand that you and all beings are unique expressions of the Divine, and trust that the energy of the Universe keeps you in integrity with your unique inner calling to be in authentic service to yourself, others, and our beloved planet Earth
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