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Mike Hill - Consciousness Expert, Marketing Coach, Truth Seeker

Mike Hill is the founder of Consciousness Events, My Manifested Life, and Conscious Marketing Academy. Properties that bring only the best of the last 30 years of discoveries to those who are ready to integrate and live a life of co-creation. If you are willing to surrender, you end up in collaborative creation with the universe. And in a phrase, this is Mike Hill. His techniques have resulted in his multi-million dollar ad agency, a very comfortable living, and a life filled with purpose and pleasure.

Mike’s studies into the depths of “self” include the practical application of principles related to Jungian & Freudian Psychology, Deprogramming Belief Systems, Quantum Physics, and The Law of Attraction. He has studied Biofield Sciences, Coherence, Awakening, NLP, The Kabal, Esoteric Systems, Alchemy, Human Design, Heart Math Systems, Bio-well Measurement Devices, and much more.

Mike has spent a life in the pursuit of consciousness and truth, focused on expanding human awareness through love and the creations that result from a life of purpose. Consciousness Events is designed to share and promote experiences and interactions that raise awareness and foster alignment with SELF in relationship to ALL.

Edward Zaydelman

Edward grew up in New York City and had a background in organizing unique Events and Experiences ranging from 7000 person gatherings to boutique events for celebrities like P.Diddy and Britney Spears. But after some years in the fast-paced Event Industry of New York City, he realized that a shift was needed because it was taking a toll on his body. It was at that point that he turned to integrative medicine and spirituality for body and mind wellness.

Edward decided to follow his passion for events and newly discovered interest in Health and Wellness and in 2007 moved Costa Rica to build a Wellness Retreat Center. That’s when Puerta a la Vida was born! Out of sincere desire to prototype better, more abundant ways to live – with a focus on true wellness and longevity and quality of life.

He spent the next few years meeting top doctors, healers, and practitioners of various wellness modalities while visiting the top wellness centers around the world. Here he was surrounded by the best of the best, and their wisdom had such a profound impact on his life. He wanted nothing more than to share their knowledge and wisdom with everyone he knew and do so through the lens of experiential events & retreats.

In 2015, he launched Experience Vida– a boutique Event & Retreat company – focused on producing one-of-a-kind experiences and curated educational content ranging from wellness to social impact, innovation, and beyond. In 2018, just three years later, Selina Hotels came in and partnered with them to create and operate – VIDA by Selina, a brand new transformational retreat center in Costa Rica.

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